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Tisdale Food Forest

This Saturday, Up With Trees will join forces with the people from the Brady Heights Neighborhood Association to plant about 500 trees along the east side of the LL Tisdale highway between the 600 -1200 north block. The project’s goal is focused on the planting of various nut trees, fruit trees, and evergreens to help combat the neighborhood’s pollution levels, decrease runoff, provide a sound barrier, and involve the neighborhood teens in outdoor activities. These nut trees will be maintained and harvested by the youth in North Tulsa to encourage their involvement in the community, help build work experience, and positively grow their self-confidence.

“As I watch the many cars and trucks driving on the highways surrounding my neighborhood, it always makes me think of the amount of pollution my family is breathing,” says Nathan Pickard, the Vice President of Brady Height Neighborhood Association. “Our partnership with Up With Trees is helping us grow Tulsa’s...

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Tree by tree, you can help grow Tulsa's urban forest. 

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