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Tree by Tree, Help Grow Tulsa's Urban Forest
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Save Oklahoma's Lakes and Rivers by Planting Trees

Water is an essential resource for humans to survive. However, too often, human activities threaten the quality of our water sources and degrade those ecosystems. Some of the more serious problems facing water sources include sedimentation and pollution. Sediment runoff can include toxic chemicals and dissolved contaminants. Increased runoff also causes erosion which damages aquatic habitats and even accelerates the rate of sediment runoff into streams and rivers.  In 2003, the Natural Resources Defense Council did a study on 19 different cities in the United States and found that the drinking water was polluted (to see the list of pollutants found click here). Quoted from this study, “cities that rely on river water sources can be vulnerable to pollution from farms, industrial sites, sewer overflows, urban runoff, and spills”. During rain storms...

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Tree by tree, you can help grow Tulsa's urban forest. 

Every tree planted in Tulsa not only makes our community more beautiful, it makes it more livable. Join Up With Trees, Tulsa's non-profit urban forestry leader, and leave a green legacy for future generations. Donate Now