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Why Wooden Signs?

One question we are asked regularly is, if Up With Trees is pro-trees, why are our signs made out of wood? Great news, we have your answer!  

There are many reasons we use wood for our signage.

  1. why-wooden-signs-ron.jpgThe production of wood happens to be one of Oklahoma’s largest industries.  
  2. Wood is a renewable resource; it’s something we can grow continually, like any crop.
  3. Most importantly, from an environmental standpoint, unlike metal or plastic, wood is biodegradable.
  4. Unlike most other signage these materials are manufactured locally by hand, by volunteers in our shop, minimizing the signs’ carbon footprint.
  5. They are easier and less expensive to replace and are safer when struck by stray vehicles leaving the road.
  6. The natural beauty of wood is most appropriate for our park-like tree sites.