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“When I Think of Money Like I Think About Air” By John Kahre

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Years ago a family member of mine told me that he would know when he was rich when he could think of money with the same concern as he thinks about air. Well neither of us have or will ever be wealthy enough to take our bills for granted, however, we both tend to take the air that we breathe for granted.

I want to continue to take air for granted and I want my grandchildren to do the same. How does Up With Trees help to assure this future? Basic Botany celebrates the fact that plants have the ability to gather their food from the same air that we breathe. I have always marveled that air, something not seen or usually smelled can offer such life giving products. Plants receive carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and we receive oxygen.

Mass planting of trees in Tulsa will be required to insure that the aging trees are replaced and additional trees are in place to provide a canopy for Tulsa. This canopy will insure a healthy urban forest that will serve our families for generations. Now is the time to begin that work and we can be proud that we are a part of the legion that will be needed to make this historical effort possible in our community.

Where is that 3000 person legion that we need? The answer is found with the friends of Up With Trees and all of the potential partners that we can shake hands with.

The tree, people relationship is undeniable, we need each other. Helping to provide oxygen is one way trees aid in keeping air breathable, another is the filtration of the air.  Trees can serve as biofilters for the air that surrounds us. These biofilters help scrub many impurities.  This can help those that are especially sensitive to Industrial pollutants. If we care for trees, they will care for us.