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Tulsa Urban Forest Master Plan Symposium


Our community’s trees and the urban forest impact everyone who lives, visits, owns property and works in the greater Tulsa area. These trees provide multiple economic, environmental and social benefits for the community, thus, requiring our dedication and attention to their ongoing care and maintenance. In order to ensure that Tulsa continues to be a green and vibrant community, Up With Trees is working with stakeholders to prepare a comprehensive Urban Forest Master Plan. To kick off this plan, Up With Trees hosted the Tulsa Urban Forest Master Plan Symposium on Tuesday, June 9.
The goal for the Symposium was to engage public and private stakeholders within the greater Tulsa community to plan, build and fund a comprehensive urban forest master plan. This process will identify the current needs of Tulsa’s urban forest, outline potential challenges and opportunities, and ultimately define what Tulsa’s urban forest will be in decades to come. Those who attended the Symposium included councilors from districts within Tulsa County, the city urban forester, corporate partners, school officials, partners in health and more.
Once developed, a Tulsa Urban Forest Master Plan will help to protect, manage, and grow Tulsa’s urban forest by taking a proactive approach to secure the long-term sustainability and viability of Tulsa’s trees and, with it, the community.
Up With Trees will continue to ensure that Tulsa will be a healthier, cleaner, and more vibrant city today and for generations to come.
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