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Up With Trees Joins First-of-Its-Kind “Stay-at-Home Event” for Tulsa

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Get ready to make some noise, Tulsa! Led by many of Tulsa’s schools, museums, businesses, non-profit organizations, and parks, The Great Tulsa Howl and Holler – a Citywide Stay at Home Event – has been created as a way for the whole city to come together while remaining sheltered in place. On Friday, April 24, 2020 at 7 p.m., open your window, step onto a balcony or out in your yard and make some NOISE! Howl at the moon, scream, clap, bang pots and pans, make music, make yard signs or art, but most of all, give thanks and gratitude to all the frontline workers who are out there making things better for us all during this time. 

 “It's encouraging to see Tulsans come together during a time when the best way to help is by staying apart,” Up With Trees Program Director, Taylor Melone, said. “From our heartwood to yours, let's Howl and Holler for those on the frontlines!”

How does it work?

Step one: Wait for the clock to strike 7 o’clock on the evening of Friday, April 24, 2020 

Step two: Open up your window or step into your yard

Step three: Make noise for at least 2 minutes!

Each one of the participating organizations has agreed to either create their own version of the Howl and Holler or have joined forces. 

At the time of this press release, 40+ organizations will be participating in the promotion of the Howl and Holler. These include ahha Tulsa, Black Wallstreet Chamber of Commerce, Booksmart Tulsa/Magic City Books, Brain Injury Recovery Foundation, Cain's Ballroom, Casa de la Cultura, Cherry Street Farmers Market, Crayons Improv, FleetFeet Tulsa, Gilcrease Museum, Harwelden Mansion, The Hunt Club, Ida Red General Store, Joy In The Cause, Oklahomans for Equality, OkPop Museum, Rabbit Hole Improv, Resolute PR, River Parks Authority, Riverfield  Country Day School, Root Tulsa, Rugby Club of Tulsa, Shades of Brown Coffee, Studio Row, TATUR Racing, The Church Studio, This Week in Tulsa, Tulsa Art Alley, Tulsa Artist Fellowship, Tulsa City-County Library, Tulsa Juneteenth, Tulsa Kids Magazine, Tulsa Parks, Tulsa Public Schools, Tulsa Runner, Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition, Tulsa People Magazine, Tulsa Zoo, TYPROS, Up with Trees, VisitTulsa, Welltown Brewing, Woody Guthrie Center, and the YMCA Tulsa. Many more are expected to join.

Join us as we come together by staying at home and minding our social distancing for this one event!