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Spring Creek Nursery Sponsors Berryhill Planting


Thanks to the sponsorship by Spring Creek Nursery, West Tulsa now has new additions to it's canopy! December 2017, Up With Trees planted 14 trees at Berryhill Middle School, and 9 trees at Berryhill Fire Department. As a part of our Tree School program, the 8th grade class of Berryhill Middle School learned about the many benefits that well-maintained trees bring to the community. Students helped plant trees around the campus, furthering their education on the urban forest around them. The Maple, Oak, and Crape Myrtle trees planted will provide shade and beauty to the school grounds and will be long-term education tools for future generations. A big thank you to Spring Creek and the 8th grade class at Berryhill for growing our urban forest for a healthier and more beautiful city and community. We look forward to seeing Tulsa’s Urban Forest grow and engaging even more students in the sustainability of their surrounding environments.