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Planting at Burroughs Elementary with PSO

DSC06272.JPGUp With Trees is excited to partner with Public Service Company of Oklahoma to plant 27 trees at Burroughs Elementary. On Thursday, October 19, seven trees that pose a safety concern at the front of the school are being removed. Thanks to the sponsorship of PSO, 27 trees will be planted on the Burroughs campus to replace these trees and bring the many benefits of healthy, well-maintained trees to this community. The planting of the 27 trees will take place November 15. With the addition of maples, oaks, and other species, this school and it's surrounding community will gain shade for the playground, pecans for food production, and tree-lined streets. Up With Trees Executive Director Steve Grantham says, "This partnership will not only be a solution to a long-standing problem of large growing species being planted under power-lines. Working with PSO, and the school, we are able to replace those trees with smaller ones near the lines, and plant even more trees throughout the campus to bring a multitude of benefits to this schools campus, families, and neighbors."