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My Story with Up With Trees By Lynn Owens

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My story with Up With Trees covers a long period of time.  I have always loved trees of all kinds and because they purify the air we breathe they were very important to the ecology. (I am not a tree hugger). I moved to Tulsa to start a business in 1982 and shortly thereafter I became acquainted with a man who I greatly admired. His name was Sid Patterson. The reason I liked him (before I ever knew him) was what he was creating for the Tulsa area.  I was just starting out in business and did not have a lot of resources so I decided to get involved with Up With Trees a little at a time. I made a promise to Sid that I would have five plantings in the Tulsa area before I finished. I have four plantings in my company name, Frontier International Trucks, and my wife and I finally made the last one in our personal name just recently. We have lived in Owasso since 1982 and have watched it grow into a great city of its own but it had just started getting involved in plantings with Up With Trees in the last few years, and then it seemed to stop. So we decided to do one in a prominent place on Highway 169 to see if we used our personal name it might get others in Owasso to do some plantings with their personal name, if they did not have a company, or did not want to use their company name. If it works that will be great, but if not, we were very pleased to do our fifth planting as I had promised Sid. It has been quite a few years since our first planting but we are proud to support Up With Trees as it does something that will last many people’s lifetime and give beauty and cleaner air for another generation and hopefully will inspire others to give the gift that endures for many years. I only hope that one day the area between all the cities that join the Tulsa area will have tree plantings along the way. Think what people who just drive thru Tulsa will say. I think that was Sid’s dream and it is very possible to accomplish.

People need things to believe in and I think the planting of trees for the next generation is a great gift for yourself and others to enjoy. It is a great gift to give and a great gift to receive. It is a win-win.


Thanks Sid,


Lynn and Barbara Owens