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How Trees Affect Our Health And Wellness


Among the hundreds of tree benefits, the ways trees affect our health and wellness are some of the most prominent. As humans, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, whereas trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. With a mutual relationship, one large tree can supply enough oxygen for four people, but it takes about 5 trees to absorb the CO2 produced by a single human being. That fact alone affirms the importance of planting trees!Health_effects_of_pollution.png

In addition, trees are able to trap airborne pollutants, thus removing them from the atmosphere and keeping our lungs healthy. By intercepting other pollutants, trees also provide cleaner water. From another health standpoint, trees decrease stress and improve recovery time from illnesses & hospital stays. These are a few of the reasons Urban Forestry is integral to human life and progress. One study showed that communities with a larger tree canopy can reduce childhood obesity up to 20%. Trees are always working to keep us healthy and strong – help us do the same for them! Keep Tulsa beautiful and healthy and help us grow Tulsa’s Urban Forest.

 For more information on the benefits of trees visit our Tree Benefit page. To be more involved in the planting of trees check out some of our sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.