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Healthy Trees Coming Soon

If you've driven down Yale Street between 51st and 61st it’s easy to see some ash trees on medians are in poor condition. These trees were planted 20+ years ago and have unfortunately reached their limit on root growth at this location. To ensure a healthy long-living urban forest, Up With Trees will be replacing these trees with ten new trees.

Typically ash trees live much longer, but because medians are considered a type of container for trees, there is only so much soil capacity for their roots to grow causing them to become stressed. When humans get stressed, they sometimes lose hair. Similarly, when trees are stressed they fail to leaf out in the spring and whole branches begin to die and fall. With these dying trees being street trees in a location with a 68,600 traffic count, it is important that we take action early by removing them to keep traffic safe from fallen branches.

Ash trees are also at risk due to the green beetle, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), native to eastern Asia that feeds on ash trees and has made its way to northeast Oklahoma. Although EAB is not the primary source to blame for the decline of these trees, we foresee issues like this being more prominent in ash trees as EAB gets closer to Tulsa.

The species we will be planting later this fall, include eight Shawnee Brave Cypress and two Fastigiate Hornbeam. Carefully chosen by Mike Perkins, our Operations Director and Certified Arborist, these species are known to grow upright, which will keep branches from growing into traffic lanes in the future. Additionally, we will be adding new crushed granite to the median which will be sturdier than mulch during heavy rains and provide a cleaner look.

Be on the lookout for healthy trees coming soon!

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