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Have you seen Up With Trees?

DSC05273low.jpgWe’re cleaning up some of our sites along highways throughout Tulsa, and we wanted to share why we are so invested in our cleanup and planting partnerships across Tulsa County. Highway cleanup allows us to remove unhealthy, weaker trees within fencelines and replace them with healthy trees maintained to thrive and grow in these harsher roadside environments. 

The trees we plant and maintain will now not only provide us with cleaner air, water, and noise abatement, but from early-on maintenance, they can grow in a way to provide our community with higher property values, lower crime rates, mitigate stormwater runoff when placed strategically, promote neighbors to join in outdoor activity or physical exercise, decrease stress, and provide even more economic and social benefits to our community.

Finally, the trees we plant are selected intentionally to add a diversity of species and resilience to our existing urban forest so we can remain strong and healthy in light of any challenges. For more information on what a well maintained urban forest contributes to our community, click here!