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Harvard Terrace Continues A Tradition Of Giving

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When most people think of Up With Trees, they recall seeing our signs across the county, but to our sponsors, those signs are more than just the words seen by passers by. For one sponsor in particular, their sign means a legacy of caring for trees passed through generations within their family, and business. As a legacy sponsor, Harvard Terrace Apartments has partnered with us for nearly 30 years to grow Tulsa's urban forest and make their city a healthier and more beautiful place to call home. As a family-owned business for 48 years, their dedication to Tulsa has extended past their tree site. Kevin Rice, Project Manager of Harvard Terrace Apartments, says “Our property is right next to the [Broken Arrow] expressway, and the trees help provide a barrier between us and the noise of the traffic, but we also saw it as an opportunity to put up a sign that encourages people to join the Up With Trees movement—take a piece of land that otherwise would be nondescript and add some color to it.” Since partnering with us, they have taken it upon themselves to plant a multitude of trees on their property for residents to enjoy, including many food bearing trees. We are proud to call them a partner in growing our urban forest and the the impact of its trees. To say thank you for their commitment to Tulsa, and to learn more about Harvard Terrace Apartments, visit