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Eugene Field Elementary Food Forest


Eugene Field Elementary is now home to a newly planted food forest made up of fruit and nut trees. This project, being generously funded by Covanta, tailors Up With Trees’ Tree School program to address the food scarcity issue facing West Tulsa. Not only will these trees serve as a food resource for the students and community, but they will also be utilized as a tool in the STEM focused curriculum at the school. The day of the planting, students ages 9-10 helped plant 20 trees around the South and West sides of the school, learning of the real benefits these trees will have on the elementary school’s energy consumption, in turn re-appropriating money from the school’s utility bills back to educational resources. At later dates, Global Gardens will be using this food forest when working with the science classes on the subjects of nutrition and sustainability. This particular planting project is a great example of taking advantage of the multitude of benefits trees provide, from food to shade to the monetary benefits, and applying them in an educational setting. As these trees grow, Eugene Field Elementary will be able to help their students and the West Tulsa community grow with them.