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Dr. Goodall's Visit to Tulsa

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Thanks to the efforts of Gala Chairwoman, Laura Parrott, Patron Chairwoman, Bonnie Klein, and Event Patrons, Reed and EJ Oppenheimer, Dr. Jane Goodall was able to be the special guest of this year's Green Leaf Gala Patron Party. Guests of the event had the opportunity to hear Dr. Goodall share stories about how her career began, the animals she has worked with, and the stories that trees weave into our lives. After attending the Patron Party, she asked if she could plant a tree with Up With Trees, and so on Thursday, September 4, Dr. Goodall helped to plant a tree which she affectionately named "Treebeard" on the West side of the River (in the Arboretum off 21st Street). We are so grateful for Dr. Goodall's participation with our event and for the work she does to spread her message of living in harmony with nature.