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Blueknight Energy Partners Sponsors Yale Median

In 2012 at the request of the City of Tulsa, Up With Trees took over the maintenance of 42 medians throughout Tulsa. Depending on the size of the median, each median can contain anywhere from 2 to 33 trees plus soil and mulch. There is no working irrigation system for the medians and on several of the medians the soil level is above-grade, or over the median barriers, which does not allow for adequate capture of rainfall (rain just runs off the medians and into the street). 

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These challenges, plus the restrictive planting setting and close proximity to traffic, have made the maintenance and care for these medians an arduous task over the past four years.

With the generous sponsorship from Blueknight Energy Partners, we have chosen our largest median (5,118 square feet with 33 trees) on Yale Avenue, at approximately 57th Street, to renovate for the pilot project!

"In conversations with our many partners, we have seen their success utilizing this granite method to minimize unwanted grass or weeds. Examples like the St. Franics’ main campus and AAON’s headquarters gives us encouragement for the potential to replicate this city-wide. This more efficient process of long-term care will help us focus on what we do best, plant and maintain trees," Steve Grantham, Executive Director

DSC07168.JPGUp With Trees replaced all of the mulch ground cover with 43 tons of crushed granite to be a more cost effective and sustainable method to beautify and reduce the maintenance costs associated with the median. 

We are so grateful to Blueknight Energy Partners for sponsoring this Yale Avenue!

“Our employees at Blueknight are honored to be able to give back and, and in some small way, make the communities in which we have facilities or offices a better place. This was a project BKEP began considering last year and are pleased that everything came together to make it happen.” - Jeff Speer, Chief Operating Officer for Blueknight Energy Partners, L.P.