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2015 Volunteer Honors Luncheon


March 26 we held the first annual Volunteer Honors Luncheon. An event filled with dance, games, laughter, and memories. Having Up With Trees volunteers from each side of the spectrum, board members to citizen foresters, come together and celebrate the accomplishments of 2014 truly reflected the family we have within Up With Trees. All that has been achieved within the organization could not have been accomplished without the dedicated work of our volunteers. 

 Those specifically celebrated for their contributions to Up With Trees:

Shane Fernandez - Planning Award

Jim Parrett - Planting Award

Rob Franklin & Karen Hardesty - Preserving Award

Carol & Rory Stanley - Promoting Award

Jim Brosseau - People Award

Susan Snodgrass - Citizen Forester of the Year

Andy Anderson, Jim Costas, and Tom Freeman - Sid Patterson Lifetime Achievement Award


2015 Volunteer Honors Luncheon