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Honors Luncheon


Stewart Swayze - Planning Award

A person presenting ideas, fostering innovation, or organizing activities to ensure the future success of Up With Trees (i.e. strategic planning of operational and educational programs, committee involvement, engaging new community partners)


Team Costas - Planting Award

A person involved in growing the urban tree canopy through planting trees, distributing trees, or securing planting projects for the greater Tulsa area.


Mike Lewis - Preserving Award

person contributing to the preservation of Tulsa’s urban forest through site maintenance, pruning, tree health assessment, or advocacy.


Danielle Terrio - Promoting Award

person involved in any activity that furthers the reach of the Up With Trees mission (i.e educational initiatives, promotion through booths, special events, sign preparation, preparing mailings, representing the organization at speaking engagements)


Christen Webb & Kathy Vancuren - People Award

person who demonstrates leadership, fosters high morale, and/or acts as an advocate for Up With Trees through professional and social networks.


Cathy Kovar - Citizen Forester of the Year Award

Please nominate the Citizen Forester who has gone above and beyond the requirements of the program. 

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